Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Child Behaviour Woes

   Wow I didn't realise just how early the mischievousness begain
Last night my LO was climbing on the furniture, like all children eventually do. In this case my LO was standing and trying to climb on the TV tower and I'm all for leting children learn from there mistakes but I told LO to get down because she was gonna get hurt (like really hirt) so then I went about my business Lo climbed back up, I was talking to my husband and LO was behind my back with her finger over her mouth telling her dad not to tell me. (LOL!) Let me remind you my LO is only 14mo that just blew my mind, I don't even know where she picked that up I have never laughed so hard in my life.

 So in the spirit of blogging I've done some research on child
behavior and how to handle it, I hope you enjoy.

  This is the best website for handling different behaviors.
They even tell you what not to do and why. 
As parents we aren't perfect, and why would you want to be...
The most important thing is to show them you're there and you love LO no matter what mess he/she gets into even when they're not so little anymore.