Friday, September 12, 2014

How to wrap a newborn

   On my Etsy Shop I always get the same Question.
Is a wrap safe for a newborn? 
The answer is yes, most definitely yes!

I found a (in my opinion) great video for how to "wrap" your newborn.
The video is very informative,
heads up... she's using a stuffed animal; it doesn't look as good
but she still gets the point across. 

I hope you enjoyed the video,
as well as calmed your worries about wrapping a newborn.

Now lets look at Why it's so IMPORTANT to wear your newborn?
   Wearing your baby is not only a benefit to your baby, but a benefit to you, your partner and even your breastfeeding.
 Being able to remain in constant contact with your baby allows you and those that wear your baby the opportunity to create a close bond.
 Also, the close proximity allows you to learn your baby’s delicate clues, understand your baby’s behaviors and breastfeed on demand.
 Babies that are “worn” are less likely to cry; they sleep better and have
 reduced stress which helps with healthier weight gain and mental development.

"Always educate yourself on how to wrap your newborn."