Monday, September 15, 2014

"My" list of Newborn must-haves ( make life easier list)

   When I first had my LO, I wanted to try all the new baby goods.
But in all honesty, some things are just unnecessary; others are utterly ridiculous.
  I've put together a must-haves things that you "will" need list.
Also things that are awesome but nonessential purchase mistakes you could use on diapers.

Must haves:
cribs are essential the baby needs his/her own sleeping area, it also lowers the risk of SIDS. 

you'll get one pack of dippers and one pack of wipes from the hospital so no need to bag them for delivery.
Car Seat
you "can not" leave the hospital without an (in date) infant rear facing car seat.
Newborn Size Clothes
always pack a preemie outfit for the hospital unless you're informed you have a 9lbs baby in there. (*8lbs and under will wear preemie)

   Isn't that awesome, thats really all you'll need aside from milk, blankets(you'll get a few from the hospital) and a fitted sheet for your crib. but if you breastfeed then your milk's FREE.

   lets get off topic for a minute... breastfeeding is awesome, no getting up in the middle of the night (once you both learn) your milk adjusts on a daily basis to the babies needs to keep him/her healthy also it is free.

   I seriously don't understand why this is frowned upon. Once I was at the park LO got thirsty and made me give her milk (I don't like public feedings) so I went into a secluded corner to feed; a woman saw me and got up and left. I felt like I was doing wrong. I understand she didn't want her kids to see but it needs to be normalized so "boobs" can stop being idolized as sex objects.
When my oldest LO asked me why I was feeding with my boobs, all I had to answer was "thats what  boobs are for." It was like something clicked in her little brain, like the world suddenly made sense.
 Okay now that I got that off my chest, lets talk about baby goods that "will" make life easier

Will make your life easier:
Bottle Brush
otherwise you'll never get the stubborn milk at the bottom of the bottle.
They're also great for pump cleaning too.
Vibrating Bouncy Seat
sooths gas, nice place to nap while feeling surrounded, plus the dangle toys stimulate eye development.
Swaddling Blankets
If you know how to wrap, thats great but if you have a problems getting that perfect swaddle these swaddle wraps are for you. Your baby will get the feeling of still being in the womb. Less crying!

Wrist Rattle
This product is great to help little ones(LO) find there hands and feet early... I know they'll find them eventually but this product prompts early development.
Vibrating Teether
This made my list because, it not only sooths babies gums but will stimulate  growth so the teeth break threw faster.
less screaming + less teething time = happy mommy

Nasal Aspirator 
you'll get one from the hospital but with this one, the suction comes from your mouth. Clears it out in 10 seconds flat.

Baby Wrap
the close proximity allows you to learn your baby’s delicate clues, understand your baby’s behaviors and breastfeed on demand.
  Tho my list is small the most important thing your baby needs is love and attention you can't spoil you LO with to much love.

  Now... about those awesome things you don't need.

Awesome things you don't need:

Nursing Cover  are very expensive, just use a swaddling blanket.

Mash and Serve Bowl  a fork works just as well.

Diaper Gene  Room will still smell: you'll gag when you do finally open it.